Everyone’s nestled in those Berkshire Hills (Explore the Berkshires Series; 1st edition)



We’re all so friggin’ cozy around here.  Like little Easter eggs hidden in cozy moss-covered nooks about the property. And we all sometimes hope to remain a secret…and at the same time really hope that our friends come visit. Any time, really. If you’re free this weekend, for example. ‘Cause it gets quiet around here.

We don’t want to give away too much about this secret, sleepy place that gets like 17 million visitors between July 4th and September whatever. But since we live here, we know the sweet spots that often get overlooked.

Like this place.

Avaloch Five Reasons Steak and Ale House

(Avaloch Five Reasons Steak and Ale House )


Ok, I lied. That place is gone.


But we are digging The Kitchen On The Commons, in Lenox lately. The food is really sweet. The price is right. And they serve Harney & Sons Tea so that’s good.

I was gonna talk about Nudel, but that place is so perfect that it’s obvious. There’s really nothing to say about it. Just go. Done.
P.S. This is one of my favorite videos ever done on Massachusetts. Are there any other videos done on Massachusetts? It’s a realistic and lovely homage to the state. Except, not the Berkshires. Not one teeny, tiny, little mention about it.