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I feel in love with radio years ago while doing PowerPoint presentations at night at a consulting (or was it a financial company who helped businesses….??) company. Midtown. East 57th and Lex. I loved that job. I was able to order sushi and a car home too. Ah, the good old days.   It’s harder…

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hee hee!

I won’t be posting videos all the time but…I had to post this one.

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I’m sick of looking at young people making out

How about a love that withstands skinny jeans, gray hair, my failures…I mean..ONE’S failures. One’s failures. This amazing portrait study is from photographer Lauren Fleishman, and it makes me very happy.   via Swiss Miss

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Cabin Porn

Yep. That’s right. I wrote the word porn. And you will too. In your address bar…when you go here: I practically live in a cabin but it’s almost like I can’t get enough. If you like THIS cabin, sit back, relax, take your iPad and a cup of whatever relaxes you…and enjoy.

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Google Guy

There are no words. Yes. There are. “You’re welcome.”     CollegeHumor's Favorite Funny Videos

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