Posts from: April 2014


Herbert Matter discovery

He, who did this: Which led to this:   And this:   Also did this:   And this:   And this:   Great design isn’t done by accident. And great logos (trust me, I’m trying my hand at making a few) don’t just ‘happen’. And some, which are iconic, it’s like they don’t even seem…

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Suzuki Beane, Love and Life

I grew up with this  amazing book…it was more of my sister’s book (as in, she trashed it with Crayolas long before I was a thought on the horizon), but I loved it. And a few years ago, I held it hostage when I found out on eBay that copies of this amazing mini tome…

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Font Life

It’s so damn easy to get lost in a world of fonts. It’s like smelling different perfumes, they each evoke a different mood, a different emotion. There is so much written on fonts that I’m certainly not going to do it justice in this late hour, but here are my 2 new favs.   Oh,…

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Sliced and diced

It’s amazing how much one can do with so little. Read about Jon Stezaker here…and see more of his work here…if you want. I did. (But I don’t wanna be pushy.)   Via Design Observer

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I feel in love with radio years ago while doing PowerPoint presentations at night at a consulting (or was it a financial company who helped businesses….??) company. Midtown. East 57th and Lex. I loved that job. I was able to order sushi and a car home too. Ah, the good old days.   It’s harder…

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hee hee!

I won’t be posting videos all the time but…I had to post this one.

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You ready to go? Forever?

Just the facts here: [space10] Quote from the Mars One website: Mars One will establish a permanent human settlement on Mars. Crews of four will depart every two years, starting in 2024. Our first unmanned mission will be launched in 2018. [space10] Quote from the Mars One Film website: There were 200,000 people who applied to…

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Whiskey Jug

Sure. Sign me up. I mean, for $75 it certainly ain’t a steal, but pouring whiskey out of this would make a pretty decent night.

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